-Wire Monkey Metal J-Hooks-
Why do we call them "Wire Monkey J hooks" ?  They have a tail and will hang
off just about anything. The tail on these hooks can be bent over as a retainer,
either  straight across at a 90 degree angle or at a 45 degree angle to increase
fill.  If you don't like the tail as a retainer, just bend it back out of the way.  
Available plain, with a multi-clip or with an angle bracket (1/4" diameter hole)
with more styles coming soon.  
These are some of the nicest j hooks you will find, not just stamped out to be
shaped like a j, these hooks are engineered and critiqued by contractors in the
field, not just by a CAD program.
Tools and fasteners for low voltage, data comm and security installation since 1980
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