-SDS Thin Wall Core Drill Bits-
Bosch has updated their SDS core bit system to an easier to use system.  Now it is a
simple two piece system.  Simply choose an SDS core, from 1" to 4-3/8" diameter and
either a 13" or 17" shank.  The shank has the pilot bit on it, just screw on the core and
you are ready to go.  The shanks work on the full size range so you can have several
size SDS core bits with just one shank.  
Most SDS hammers are rated for a thin wall
SDS core bit.  A thin wall core will allow you to core your own holes in many situations.
 While I don't like them for drilling through the floor (to much rebar, yet some of my
contractors use for this application) you can drill through a wall very quickly.  It sure
beats drilling a bunch of small holes and breaking out the center!  
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