What is a Sammy Super Screw?  A Sammy Super Screw or Sammy Screw is a screw with a rod coupler built on to
make quick work of hanging threaded rod from the ceiling.  These are great time saver and make for a clean install.  
You can get them for wood, steel, concrete and drywall applications.
One of my favorites is the Sammy Express, designed to go right into the metal deck eliminating the use of uni-strut
between the bar joist.   They are expensive and you must buy the install tool but you will save money over using
strut and most definitely you will save time.  Check out the
demo video, these are very cool anchors.
Another must see video is the how you can install threaded rod into the ceiling from the floor using a Sammy Screw
and the Lagmaster plus tool.  
Use Sammy Screws In:

Wood-GST Series
Steel-DST Series
Roof Deck-Xpress
Drywall/Lathe-SST Series
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