-Ramset Viper-
Powder actuated tools can be a real time saver.  The most common use we see in the low voltage field is for shooting
ceiling clips to the wall and ceiling, shooting pre-tied clips to the ceiling and shooting j hooks to the wall. It is important
to not only to wear safety glasses and hearing protection, but to receive training. Click here for the
Ramset Training Exam
Tools and fasteners for low voltage, data comm and security installation since 1980
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The Ramset Viper tool is the tool of choice for overhead fastening.  This .27 caliber semi-automatic tool requires a pole to fire
sold separately below the, Lagamaster Plus).  The Ramset Viper will mount to the telescopic Lamgaster Plus pole and
adjusts  to reach the ceiling from the floor with ease.  Perfect for shooting up pre tied ceiling clips.
Tool weighs 4.5 pounds and comes with case, manual and safety glasses.  One year warranty
Ramset Viper Tool Kit...........................
LM612 Lagmaster Plus 4'-12' Pole.........
Lagmaster Plus Telescopic Pole.  NOT compatible with Viper 4!
Handles the Viper tool the same as standard pole but has
interchangeable ends to install eye lags, Sammy Screws and more!  
See Lagmaster Plus
The Ramset Viper, when used with the standard 4'-12' extension pole listed below can comfortably reach up to 16' plus ceilings
from the floor.   The Ramset Viper will save enough on lift rental to pay for itself on just a job or two.  We recommend the Ramset
Viper for any overhead application but especially when up against brittle concrete.  When coupled with our SPC78 or SPC114
ballistic point pins, your success rate in even the hardest concrete is unbeatable.
Please Note:
The Ramset Viper has been replaced by the updated
Ramset Viper 4.  
The Viper 4 offers updated function and safety features and uses a
sectional pole.  The Ramset Viper 4 tool is not compatible with telescopic
poles.  Tool is available at our new easier to use site