-Ramset Trakfast TF1100-
Please Note:
The Ramset Trakfst TF1100 has been replaced by the
TF1200 available at our new site,
ConstructionFastening.Net.  The Trakfast TF1200 uses the
same pins and fuel as the TF1100 but the batteries are
different.  The new tool comes with two batteries and solved
the battery contact problem that the TF1100 has had for
some time.  Our new site also offers some great package
deals for you to.
Metal track to concrete
Metal track to steel
Metal lathe to concrete
Plywood to heavy studs
All pins are packed in boxes of 1,000 and include 1 fuel cell.  Most cells will shoot 1,000 plus pins each.  Extra cells available below.
750512 Extra Battery
Get a spare or replace your
old battery. Fits Ramset
TF1100 or TF1000.
Box of 1,000 3/4" black pins
and 1 fuel cell. Fits Ramset
TF1100 and TF1000.
Box of 1,000 1/2" step shank
pins and 1 fuel cell. Fits
Ramset TF1100.
Box of 1,000 1 1/4" black
pins and 1 fuel cell. Fits
Ramset TF1100.
Box of 1,000 1 3/8" Plywood
pins and 1 fuel cell. Fits
Ramset TF1100.
Box of 1,000 lathing Disc for
steel lathe.
Magnetic probe for lathing
Dual bay battery charger.  
Much better than the original!
Extra fuel cell. For Ramset
TF100 and TF1000
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The Ramset Trakfast TF1200 tool is the ultimate in production fastening.  This is a gas powered  tool, literally an internal combustion engine
with a piston, spark plug, ignition system, fuel source and a battery.  Ramset's time proven technology makes this the most reliable automatic
tool on the market.

This is a fully automatic tool that will hold up to 42 pins.  Just push against works surface and pull the trigger and your done!
Originally developed to fasten metal track to concrete and steel, the tool is now being used for shooting metal lathe to concrete for stucco
applications, for shooting waterproofing sheeting to foundations and with the break away strips, shooting furring strips and plywood to concrete.

Another excellent use is for shooting plywood to heavy gauge metal studs using the 1 3/8" plywood pins.

Unlike powder actuated tools, no licensing is required.