-Ramset Tools-
Ramset tools have lead the way in concrete fastening for years.  Ramset tools are available for
any application.  If you are looking for a low cost general use tool consider the Ramset Cobra.  
The Ramset SA270 is a real work horse with power adjustment and uses the same .27 caliber
loads as Hilti tools.  Ramset tools also come in a .25 caliber disc load version.  The D60 and
the D45A are some of the quietest tools on the market.  If you are looking to shoot to the ceiling,
the Ramset Viper is the tool of choice.  Click on the Ramset tools below for more info and to
order.  Don't forget to get training (see below) and wear safety gear.
Tools and fasteners for low voltage, data comm and security installation since 1980
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All Ramset tools can be fired on extension poles allowing you to reach the ceiling from the floor.  The pole tools are listed with
their respective tools.  For extension poles for the Hilti DX350 see the Ramset Cobra, for the Hilti DX36M, see the Ramset D45A
-Ramset Tools-
Powder actuated tools can be a real time saver.  The most common use we see in the low voltage field is for shooting
ceiling clips to the wall and ceiling, shooting pre-tied clips to the ceiling and shooting j hooks to the wall. It is important
to not only to wear safety glasses and hearing protection, but to receive training. Click here for the
Ramset Training Exam