-Data Cable Hangers for Coax, Cat 5 Cable,  
Fiber and Others-
We have data cable hangers for just about any application.  Whether you are hanging simple coax, cat 5 cable
or fiber, we have a hanger for you.
Many types of cable like cat 5 cable and above require a good quality hanger to meet install requirements.  We
have the standard hangers, plus some custom assemblies you will not find anywhere else.

If you haven't tried the Arlington Loops yet, take a look at the variety of assemblies and sizes, then compare
the cost. The Arlington Loop is our best selling data cable hanger.  If you like bridle rings, check out the
Mineralac rings with built in saddles creating  a wide base for the cable to rest on.  And of course, the old
standard, metal j-hooks.
Tools and fasteners for low voltage, data comm and security installation since 1980
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