-Abesco Cable Transits Fire Stop Products-
Abesco CT-120 Cable Transits are designed to prevent the spread of
fire from one compartment to another where electrical, data and
communication cables penetrate through separating walls or floors.

Abesco CT120 Cable Transits consists of a steel sleeve, which
contains a heat reactive intumescent material.  The unit has an integral
hinge that provides an easy retro fit option where cables are pre-installed.

Our units are packed complete with instructions and mounting plates (an
extra with most other suppliers).

What you will really like about these is the obvious, they are round!  It's
easy to punch a round 2" or 4" hole in any wall or floor.  Drilling square
holes, not that easy in concrete!!

Also available in square configuration allowing you to mount several in a
row.  Call for information.

Abesco FP200 Foam is an expanding polyurethane foam and is
designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to
another through gaps and voids through fire rated walls or floors.  More
info at  
Use through wall or floor for
Our sleeves include mounting
brackets, an extra for most.
Split design allows for easy
work of retro fit applications.
Tools and fasteners for low voltage, data comm and security installation since 1980