-Ramset Trakfast T3SS
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Ramset T3SS Tool
The Ramset T3SS is the latest in the line of Ramset gas
fastening tools.  What is a gas tool?  Basically, it is an internal
combustion engine with a piston, spark plug, battery and a
fuel source.  The real advantage to this tool is it requires no
licensing to use and has no power adjustment.  The Ramset
T3SS sets the fastener to the right depth.

What can the Ramset T3SS tool do?  Use it for hanging rod,
hanging ceiling grid wire, fastening boxes, hanging cables,
mounting EMT and more.  Listed below, you will find the tool
itself along with standard pins and pre assembled hangers to
speed up your next project.

The ceiling clips are available pre tied with 12 gage ceiling
grid wire in varying lengths and there is a 6' and an 8'
extension available.  
See video of Ramset T3SS on pole tool.

Order fuel separately, each cell should do about 1000 shots.
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